We are the Foxy Ladies!

Foxy Group

Our assignment, that we chose to accept, is to analyze political cartoons that address both sides of gun control. We will evaluate the position each cartoonist took and how they framed their political cartoons to influence the viewer. We realize that, should we fail in this assignment our Professor, Dr. Candi Carter-Olson, will disavow our training, marking our files with an unseemly character of the alphabet, throwing us into exile.

This is not a format for answers or a debate about gun control, it’s rather a study on the media and their participation on this issue and how they frame it. Media are here to disseminate, interpret, and to be adversarial on behalf of the people (McQuail, 2010). Editorial cartoons are one tool the media use to accomplish that. Editorial cartoons are meant to make you think, provoke thoughts and feelings, dare you to get involved and to challenge your local and national governments to make your voice heard. However, being human first, it is sometimes impossible for the media to remain unbiased and it is for that reason that we are researching the media, cartoon editorials specifically, to discern between fact, bias, and how the they frame the issue.

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